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Tim, Xu Shuyao

Second Year Undergrad
Computer Science Major
National University of Singapore

shuyao [at] u.nus.edu

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Hi, my name is Shuyao (Tim) and I'm a second year undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, studying Computer Science. I have a strong passion for deep learning, particularly in the topics related to NLP and foundation models.

As I embark on my journey to explore the realm of deep learning, I find myself captivated by the emerging capabilities of cutting-edge AI. I have eagerly utilized online resources to delve into the latest concepts shaping this field. Recognizing the significance of a strong mathematical foundation and adeptness in engineering techniques, I am fully committed to honing these skills through dedicated reading, thoughtful contemplation, and diligent practice.

I am seeking research internships in Singapore and abroad to deepen my understanding of a specific topic in deep learning and contribute to the field's advancement. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any opportunities!